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Productos para tu Cabeza, Cuerpo y Corazón

Adaptogenic Mushroom for Amazing Health & Energía

Amiga, your regular cafecito is probably doing you more harm than good! I saw this all over the web and thought, "pos vamos a ver!" WOW, it really works! More energy, calm mind, less bloating... todo lo que prometen. Tastes delicious, nothing bitter, no crash and no jitters. Save your regular café de olla for the weekend! 

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You Need More than AGUA to Stay Hidratada, Amiga!

Did you know that drinking too much water may deplete your cuerpazo of certain minerals? Por eso tomas y tomas agua, and you have this never-ending thirst! Plus, you're foggy, tired, headachy, chapped skin... Replenish those electrolytes, especially if you're sweating! I drink 1-2 servings daily & I love how I feel!

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Mueve tu Cuerpo & Watch Your Body & Mind Transform

Quieras admitirlo o no, you sit too much - especially if you work from home (like I do.) I know it's hard to get away to the gym or even outside, but movement is vital! This walking pad is a gamechanger. I use it for 10-15 mins, cada 1.5-2 horas. Figure out what works for you y ¡DALE GAS, Amiga!

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Daily Supplements for Chingona Wellness

These are 5 supplements I recommend my clients take daily for a healthy gut microbiome, niveles de energía física, memory & cognition, inmunidad resiliente, strong bones & muscles, heart health, restful sleep and more. This is by no means the answer to all your issues, but it is a WONDERFUL start to you feeling like the Chingona you are meant to be! 

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The Best CBD Esta Chingona's Ever Had

All Equilibrium CBD products have been formulated by Board Certified Naturopath, Dr. Stephen Cabral, with the guarantee that the products meet the highest quality standards: premium hemp, non-GMO, pesticide-free, small USA farms, 3rd party tested. These are known as "The Cleanest CBD Ever Created!"

I've tried many brands and this one is the one I LOVE for my own personal use, as well as to recommend to my clients. 

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Nutritional Support para Función Óptima

There are BIG GAPS between the nutrient levels you get in the foods you eat and the nutrient levels your cuerpazo needs. It's not 100% your fault. Food today isn't what it was when we were growing up. That, plus all the stresses in life that are DEPLETING us of nutrients, means we need to take serious acción to create vibrant health & vitality. 

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Essential Oils for a Natural & Chingona Life

Whether you're new to the world of essential oils or a dedicated pro (like ME), getting started with aceites esenciales is also very easy and you'll quickly be able to integrate them into your health routines at home, work or on the go!

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Chingona Slim™: Personal Blend for your Body & Mood

Designed to help decrease bloating en la barriga, boost overall metabolic health, create a tingly caliente sensation over the areas applied, and naturally elevate your energy levels!

I created this for my daughter and I using 7 different essential oils, and it's become a must-have before our workouts, and whenever we need a chingona boost!

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Chingona Living Personal Esenciales Kit

Kit poderoso for Chingonas who are ready for clarity, serenity, abundance, and to manifest their wildest sueños.

Contains 4 unique blends: Claridad, Abundancia, Serenidad, Manifestación formulated with essential oils to support your mind, mood & actions. Comes with afirmaciones especiales to use together!

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