Every woman was born to be Chingona!


Latinas navigate between two worlds – dos culturas – that don’t always support our wellness and our growth.


¡Soñamos en grande, Amiga! We have BIG DREAMS and sometimes we feel stuck in life. We need tools to support our mental, emotional & physical health because nuestras experiencias are different from other women. That's why I have devoted my life and my practice to empowering Chingonas with coaching tools to help you create the relationships you want with yourself, with your body, with your health and with others.

¡Amiga, una mente fuerte, un cuerpo sano, y un corazón alegre puede lograr más de lo que te imaginas!

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I was never broken. The thoughts in my head had me feeling like I was not good enough. Now I know my brain is a supercomputer and I feed it the right instructions.

--Anacani Ramirez

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Trabaja Conmigo

Private Transformational and Spiritual Coaching to down-regulate your nervous system, quit giving power to your ego, release limiting fears and belief systems, connect to your values, love your body, align with your higher self, and live your most chingona life. (3- or 4- month programs available. Learn more below.)


Coaching Transformacional y Espiritual en Privado para regular tu sistema nervioso, dejar de darle poder a tu ego, soltar miedos y creencias limitantes, conectar con tus valores, amar tu cuerpazo, alinear con tu ser mayor, y vivir tu vida mas chingona. (Programas de 3 o 4 meses disponibles. Aprende mas debajo o mandame un email a [email protected].)

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I certified professionally and started my practice as a Transformational Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2016 after my personal experiences with coaching, which helped me untangle my mind. You see, I had tons of antiquated beliefs and habits that caused me to sabotage the goodness I had in my life because I did not know another way to function, yet I wanted more…

That’s when I fell in love with coaching myself and working with women. Today, my personal experiences combined with my clients' experiences PLUS my strategic abilities and exclusive system are what I use today to facilitate ease, flow, and absolute freedom in the lives of chingonas.

Chingona Living was born out of a deep desire to help women LIVE passionately, empowered, and free. Here is where I teach the exclusive transformational coaching system that aligns and empowers the cabeza, cuerpo, y corazón (mind, body, & spirit) of mujeres chingonas.

Pensamientos Poderosos to Create New Belief Systems for your Cabeza, Cuerpo, Salud y Vida

I wrote this eBook to empower your mente and teach you how to start thinking with intención positiva. Dame tu nombre y correo electrónico, and I’ll send you the eBook that will introduce you to thought work in an easy yet powerful way!