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Anabel Quintanilla

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Working with Chingonas is my passion!

Latinas navigate between two worlds - two cultures - that don’t always support our wellness and our growth. We all have BIG DREAMS and sometimes we feel stuck in life. We need tools to support our mental and emotional health because nuestras experiencias are different from other women. That's why I have devoted my life and my practice to empowering Chingonas with coaching tools! ¡Porque una mente fuerte, un cuerpo sano, y un espíritu alegre puede lograr más de lo que te puedes imaginar!


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Chingona Living Experience 

A group coaching experience with other chingonas who are loving their body, releasing the disempowering mental chaos, and opening doors to enriching possibilities.

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1-on-1 coaching

Dive deep into your mental, emotional, and physical wellness with personalized. Together we will discover what has been blocking you from success, and create a unique plan to move forward.

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DIY guides

I have written several eBooks with tools that I have used to enhance my personal wellness, as well as hundreds of my clients. I know that you'll love the confidence they'll help you feel! Stay tuned for more... 

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I was never broken. The thoughts in my head had me feeling like I was not good enough. Now I know my brain is a supercomputer and I feed it the right instructions.

Anacani Ramirez

Carol Ann Dechan

I can embrace my grief and still feel happy. It's OK to be happy. I deserve to be happy.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

¡La motivación soy YO! Nace de mí. I am trusting the process and being patient with myself.

Mirna LaVergne

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CHINGONA LIVING was born out of a deep desire to help women LIVE passionately, empowered, and free. Most women want to be "happy & healthy", but why stop there when I can teach you to create a life where you LOVE BEING YOU, and all the chingona stuff that comes with that?!

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