Get rid of the doubts and the voice inside your head that limit you! Start the best romance of your life, with you, with your body, and create a vibrant & meaningful life.

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You are overwhelmed with p*nche estrés!

Your body is tense, bloated, fatigued, and acting like an enemy.

Your emotions are in chaos. ¡Quizás te sientes triste, enojada o loca!

You have no idea what's happening with your hormones or where your libido went. 

Insomnia has become your loyal companion.

Pushing yourself to make it through the day is your new norm.

A dark cloud covers fills your head with doubts and covers your decisions with uncertainties. ¡P*nches dudas e incertezas!

You are disappointed for breaking the promises you make to yourself to improve your health habits and you're constantly "starting over".

You don't know if you need another dieta or a spiritual limpieza. (¿Donde están mis brujitas?)

You've tried "TODO". You realize that will power is not enough, and you ask yourself, "What is the missing link?"

Amiga, your transformation will happen, I promise.


Chingona Living

Mind & Body Love Affair

6 Month Coaching Exclusive for super ocupadas Latinas ages 40+!


Go from feeling disconnected, disatisfied, and DONE with carrying around the excess physical, emotional, and mental weight TO creating sustainable habits that turn you into a master of your cuerpazo, emociones, y pensamientos so you live your life in alignment with your most ambitious and chingona dreams!


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Here's what to expect
at the end of the 6 months!

From Day 1, you'll have a clear image of how you will manifest what you desire most in the key areas of your life, like SALUD VIBRANTE, a loving & respectful relationship with your body, and trust in the knowing that you are here to shine and be happy, Amiga! 

You'll free yourself of the physical, mental & emotional weight that keeps you stuck (atorada y atascada) in sabotaging thought loops, toxic relationships, and anything that is not in alignment with your highest self.

You'll quit feeling like a VICTIMA of your circumstances! You will take ownership of your thoughts & emotions and create patterns that elevete the quality of your life and the health of your cuerpazo.

You'll change the relationship that you have with el p*nche estrés and create new patterns so you enjoy mental clarity, a light & confident body, and the certainty that you have what it takes to achieve your goals.

You'll release the feeling of guilt everytime you speak your truth and set healthy boundaries that protect your sanity & focus your efforts on what matters most in your preciosa vida.

You'll ditch the thought that something or someone is responsible for your happiness and success. You'll realize that you possess all the power & the tools to achieve your desires. And, you'll be inspired by the vision of your divine & dynamic future. ¡Nadie más que tú tiene este poder, Amiga!



Chingona Living Mind & Body Love Affair is the 6-month private coaching program that helps you create new mental/thought patterns so that you...

  • manage el p*nche estrés in a positive way,
  • feel gratitude for your cuerpazo & treat it with respect,
  • nourish your body with healthy food,
  • move your cuerpazo to promote vitality from the inside-out,
  • release the excess weight (ese exceso de peso, Amiga) that limits you in many ways,
  • set healthy boundaries that protect your emotional, mental and physical energía,
  • create a loving relationship with yourself and with those around you.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The Chingona Living Mind & Body
Love Affair System

5 stages to equip you with powerful tools that empower your mind & body so you STOP depending on will power and achieve what you desire most.

Stage 1 (Prepare for the Affair): Lifestyle & Nutrition Assessments, plus other foundational learning to set the stage for the affair. ¡Prepárate!

Stage 2 (Detox Your World): reduce/eliminate your exposure to foods, drinks, social media, news, cleaning products and PEOPLE who produce toxins in your body, mind & environment to clean the slate and make room for better ¡Desintoxícate! ¡Afuera con los tóxicos!

Stage 3 (Connect to Your Power): discover the mental programs that are currently running your life, understand the source of these, and create new belief systems that actually work for you! ¡Conéctate!

Stage 4 (Elevate Your Cuerpazo): Bridge the gaps between what your body wants and what you're doing for it so that you can eliminate food-related intolerances, minimize hormone-related discomfort, decrease mental fog, increase your focus & energy, improve your sleep, enjoy radiant skin and start to look & feel like chingona that you are inside and out! ¡Elévate!

Stage 5 (Blueprint Your Chingona Life): Design the ideal relationship with yourself, your body, and others, and create the habits & boundaries that align you with what you want most. This map will guide you as your life continues to evolve from this point on. ¡Diseña, Amiga!

¡Si! I'm Ready to Start!

Once you confirm your spot, you'll be welcomed with:

  • Kit of 4 essential oils that contain exclusive chemical properties that boost your cuerpazo's natural health functions.
  • eBook to help you maximize the use of your essential oils to help you feel grounded & centered, light & energized, clear-headed & focused, y calmada y relajada.
  • eBook to fortify your paz mental y emocional using your essential oils, your inner wisdom, and the power of intention.
  • Special Scaling your Chingona Energy MasterClass that will help you understand more about the energetic self that you are and how you're showing up in the world. Combina esto con coaching poderoso to help you scale from struggling & conforming to creating hábitos saludables, a lean & strong body, a capable & confident mente, and the relationship that you most desire with yourself.

Yo soy Anabel Quintanilla,
Transformational Coach for Chingonas.

Since I started my practice as a Transformational Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner in 2016, I have proven that understanding and managin the connection between between your mind, heart, and body is all of what women need to achieve her health and personal goals. It's what helped me get rid of low self-esteem, low energy levels, excess weight, and other health concerns that kept me from evolving into the vibrant, energetic, capable, and  chingona being that I am today.

Every woman was born to be a chingona, and every woman has the power to achieve her most ambitious dreams, and I am here to share the journey of personal transformation in the Chingona Living Mind & Body Love Affair.    

"Working with Anabel has helped me face challenges that I before was not able to manage. She help me with resources and tools to set goals. Helped me understand my values, and helped me how to connect my thoughts, body, and emotions to become my best version. Our sessions are productive and efficient. She's a great person to work with and I highly recommend her for anyone looking to make changes in their life for the better."

Mirna LaVergne

Chingona Living Mind & Body Love Affair is for chingonas revolucionarias who are ready to form a beautiful relationship with themselves and to open the doors to the abundance of inner peace, self love, and to all the possibilities available to create an extraordinary life!


I'm Ready!

Your time is precious & valuable and shouldn't be wasted feeling atorada y atascada (STUCK, AMIGA, STUCK) and unhappy with yourself, with your cuerpazo. If you're here, you're ready to do something to create a real impact and the time to start is ahorita mismo (NOW, AMIGA, NOW) because doing the same thing and expecting different results es una p*nche locura, Amiga.

I work with 10 chingonas privately at a time, and I currently have space for 4 (including you)!

You deserve to live a meaningful life filled with harmony & peace, and there's no reason to keep waiting when the tools to create this reality are at your fingertips. 

Chingona Living Mind & Body Love Affair is the program that you have been waiting for! 

Amiga, it's 6 months of focusing on your growth during which you will:

  • Detox your world and start creating a vibrant life with the right foot.
  • Connect to your poder personal to unleash your inner genius (your inner chingona, Amiga) that will forever guide you.
  • Uplevel your cuerpazo with habits that boost your physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • Boost your mental & emotional paz with exercises, meditations and essential oils.
  • Get more intimate with your divine & energetic self with the Scaling Your Chingona Energy Special Masterclass.
  • Design your blueprint with firm & loving boundaries, and sustainable habits to live a chingona life. 


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Mi Querida Amiga, Chingona...

Ditch the doubts & the voice inside your cabeza that limits you! It's time to have the greatest of love affairs with yourself, your cuerpazo, and your vibrant life! Everything starts with 90 minute call that you can schedule NOW!

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