¡Elévate, Mujer!

90-minutes closer to vibrant health, peace of mind, y una vida chingona.

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Amiga, imagine going from...

  • Feeling blocked in your health to creating healthy habits.
  • Feeling physically & emotionally overwhelmed to creating healthy boundaries.
  • Struggling in your relationships to enjoying your precious time with people and experiences that truly matter most. 

Whatever is keeping you from having these experiences, we will identify during a 90-minute call that will help you elevate your cabeza, cuerpo, y corazón desde que digamos, "hola!"

¡Elévate, Mujer! en 90 Minutos

A private call to identify what is keeping you stuck physically, emotionally, and mentally, and to design a personalized plan to achieve total wellness.

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Private 1:1

Phone or virtual conversation via zoom, focused exclusively on your personal experiences, goals & desires.

Personalized Plan

Designed with your lifestyle and preferences in mind so that you can move forward with understanding and ease.

Book Your ¡Elévate, Mujer! 90 Min Llamada


Anabel Quintanilla,

Transformational Coach for Chingonas


CHINGONA LIVING was born out of a deep desire to help women LIVE passionately, empowered, and free. Most women want to be "happy & healthy", but why stop there when I can teach you to create a life where you LOVE BEING YOU, and all the chingona stuff that comes with that?!

Book Your ¡Elévate, Mujer! 90 Min Llamada