What is Transformational Coaching (and why should you care)?

chingona personal development personal empowerment May 19, 2023

What is transformational coaching (and why should you care)? In simplest terms, it’s a science-based methodology that helps your body & mind go from an unwanted state to a desired state. Here’s what it looks like for many of my clients.

From hating your body when you look in the mirror, to going shopping for a sexy outfit because you feel good in your skin without having dropped an ounce in weight.

From feeling discouraged and lifeless every time you step into the office, to showing up with a smile on your face ready to take on the day doing the exact same thing you’ve done for 5 years.

From surviving on drive-thru meals and latteccinos because of lack of time and energy, to nourishing yourself with fruits, vegetables and healthylicious meals that maybe you even cooked yourself.

From thinking that your life is totally f*cked and you can’t get out of the hamster wheel you’re stuck in, to waking up feeling refreshed and grateful for the life you have and confident in the direction that you’re headed.


When does the change begin?

When you understand the power of your mind and thoughts and how these impact your emotions and everything you do on this earth, and you choose to use said power to create favorable experiences in your life!

That’s what the Self Empowerment Course, De Chillona a Chingona® teaches – the fundamentals of coaching so that you can take yourself from YUCK to YAY without someone having to hold your hand.

From now to 5/27, any and all Chingona who signs up for the course get 2 transformational coaching sessions with me. One to set goals and get clear on what’s most important to create; and the second to measure your progress and create a self-accountability plan to keep you on course.

The self-empowerment course does not typically include private coaching sessions – this is a one-time offer available only until 5/27 because Spirit is moving me to do this. I’d guess it’s about a $250 value. Maybe to you it means so much more than that for only you know how valuable your transformation is to you and to your family. (That’s why I hate this type of pricing! In my opinion, working with a trained professional is priceless and so are the life changes that happen when you integrate the lessons.)

Learn more and sign up for the course via this link: https://www.chingonaliving.com/empoderada

See you there, Amiga!


Dive deep into your mental, emotional, and physical wellness. Discover what success means to you and how to achieve it with transformational coaching. You deserve the best, Amiga. Schedule your Elévate and Love Yourself Call today.

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