Supporting Your Kids Through Tough Experiences

chingona moms emotional resilience empowered kids empowered moms empowered women Dec 29, 2022

Hello, my dear Amiga.

I hope this season is treating you well and you're able to enjoy some peace all around you.

I've been all sorts of emotional lately and I want to share why and what's helping us stay strong throughout the experience.

My daughter donated a piece of her liver to her father on December 15th. This was not an easy decision for her based on the relationship that she has with him. In fact, it took her months of deliberation and meditation before she agreed to the procedure.

Throughout all this, MOST of our family and friends were very vocal about their disapproval of the whole thing. Their question was unanimous, "How are you (meaning me, the mother) OK with her putting herself through major surgery for someone who hasn't done much for her, and who did this to himself?"

My response, "Because it's what she wants, and this isn't about me."

My daughter is a very level-headed woman (she's not a girl or a child, she's a 25 year-old WOMAN). She has incredible will and determination. She has a beautiful heart. She acknowledges her personal strengths. She knows that everyone is different and she doesn't measure others against her own abilities.

I know all this because I've played an active role in co-creating the relationship that we share today; one that is built mostly on TRUST.

I trust her decision-making abilities. I trust that, whether or not it helps the relationship that she has with her father, she will always think it was the right thing to do. I trust her body will bounce back stronger than ever. I trust that she is going to continue doing great things in life.

Most of all, I trust that I AM going to be OK regardless of any outcome.

This last part took me a REALLY long time to be able to say. What mother wants to believe that she will be OK even if "bad" things happen to their kids?!

When you don't know how to manage your mind & your emotions, you project so many insecurities onto your kids.

You energetically force your kids to keep YOU emotionally-safe. "I would die if something were to happen to you..." (Nobody needs to hear this, ever.)

When YOUR mind is doubtful, you fill THEIR mind with doubts.

When what YOU THINK is best differs from what THEY THINK is best, you fail to truly listen to them, which keeps you from honoring their needs & wants.

Learning to build trust with your kids (or with others) starts with you managing your mind and your emotions. That's YOUR job, Amiga, not something others can do for you.

Becoming a Chingona Mom starts with you working on yourself first. This is a BOLD & COURAGEOUS move that they don't teach mothers to make when we're being taught to be "selfless."

When YOU are strong, you're able to support your kids (and others) even through the toughest of experiences. It increases your faith. It unites you. It helps you sleep at night. It promotes a healing environment for all!

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I'm here for you, Amiga. Things can always be better. YOU can always be better. I promise.


Lots of love and happy season,

Anabel Quintanilla,
Transformational Coach for Chingonas

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