Want to Know Why New Year's Resolutions Almost Always Fail?

goals intentions joy pleasure value-driven Jan 04, 2023

Happy 2023, Amiga! I hope the holiday season filled your home and heart with peace & joy, and that today you find yourself reading this with lots of enthusiasm for what's next to come!

Let's get to it, then. Why do New Year's resolutions almost always fail? Because most part of the human population is programmed to avoid discomfort, not to create pleasure. I'll explain.

If you set a goal to improve your health, it's probable that your vision is only focused on eliminating that which causes you pain:

  • your clothes doesn't fit = pain
  • you don't have enough energy = pain
  • lack of intimacy in your relationship = pain
  • arguing/fighting with your kids = pain

What happens when you begin to lose weight, sleep more, date your partner, play more with your kids? You feel a little relief... and that's where you get stuck.

  • Your clothes fits better = no more pain
  • You have more energy = no more pain
  • You're being intimate with your partner = no more pain
  • You don't fight with your kids like before =  no more pain

There's no more pain (or as much as there was before), your life goes back to being somewhat tolerable, which indicates to your brain that there's no need to keep going because YOU'VE REACHED YOUR GOAL of eliminating pain.

And in 6 or 7 months, the cycle begins again. Am I wrong?

Amiga, if you wish to achieve goals that actually have a lasting impact in your life, set them with the intention to achieve PLEASURE.

Instead of focusing your energy on something that feels negative in your body, create goals that inspire pleasure and joy. For example:

  • Losing weight - enjoying a light and energized body
  • Eliminate debt - enjoy financial freedom
  • Quit fighting with your loved ones - create harmony in your home
  • Quit the job that you hate so much - say YES to the opportunities that are aligned with your values
  • Finding the love of your life - appreciate the good that exists all around you and receive romantic and other types of blessings

Do you see the difference in energy?

Do you see how intentionally focusing on creating joy can propel you to keep going? It's a mission that you never want to end for as long as you're breathing!

If you don't know how to achieve this, amiga, I invite you to learn more about how you can use your mind to create joyful experiences in your life. I'm not talking about supernatural things - it's science. There's a powerful connection between your thoughts and the emotions that makeup your energy and fuel your habits. If you focus solely on changing your habits without elevating your energy (as in eliminating pain and discomfort), you are going to continue repeating the cycles that make you feel the way you feel today.

Learn to create pleasure, Amiga.

Go to www.chingonaliving.com/liberate to learn more about this incredible program that's available in both English and Spanish.

I love you lots and I wish you a 2023 filled with pleasure & joy!



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