Powerful Thoughts to Support Your February Intentions

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It's a new month, Amiga, and many women like to practice setting new intentions/goals to achieve.

If you did this, my question to you is "are your thoughts aligned with your intention?"

Whatever it is that you've decided for yourself or for this month, the #1 thing to do is to create a set of belief statements to motivate your actions!

My gift to you this month is this list of powerful belief statements that you're welcome to use!

What happens if you DON'T BELIEVE the statements above?

You'll create cognitive dissonance (the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change), which feels absolutely horrible in the body.

"But the experts tell me to stand in front of the mirror and fake it 'til I make it..."

NOPE. We're not doing that here. Not today. Not ever on my watch. 

What you want to do instead is play around with the wording until you land on a statement that does feel believable.

Use phrases like, "I believe, I am willing, I am capable, I am ready, I am willing to believe" as part of of the sentence. For example:

I am willing to believe that I am a woman who deserves to be seen & heard.

I am ready to evolve and I'm capable of loving the woman I become.

Sometimes a few tiny adjustments like these will create enough of an energy shift to help boost your confidence and fuel healthier habits!

Give them a try!

And if you find that you're struggling with your beliefs, it's time to talk and elevate your energy! Schedule that via the link below and let's talk soon!

Coach Anabel


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