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Own & embody your WHOLENESS, Amiga!

Hi, I'm Anabel Quintanilla,

Transformational Coach for Chingonas

I am a certified Transformational Coach and Holistic Health Practitioner and here's a little backstory to help you understand how IN LOVE I am with the science of coaching how passionate I am about working with women to help them untangle their mind the way I was able to do so with mine.

Born into a Mexican household, I inherited a belief system that said "struggling is necessary, and it's part of life." I had tons of evidence to prove how true this belief was - from my mother dying of cancer when I was only 14 years old, to 2 failed marriages, and single-parenting my 3 kids. 

When I married my final & forever husband, I looked for struggle and when I didn't find it, I CREATED IT. Struggling was the only way that I knew how to function. This was only ONE of my antiquated beliefs that were causing me to sabotage the goodness in my life.

I sought help and every coach out there tried to get me to focus on taking positive action, and creating new habits so that I could get better results. Except, I COULD NOT stick with it. You can say that I needed to learn the "stickwithability" that I did not have. And that's when I discovered transformational coaching and NLP, which became the foundation of the system that I use today with myself (because I will forever continue coaching myself), and with hundreds of clients.

Chingona Living was born out of a deep desire to help women LIVE passionately, empowered, and free. Here is where I teach the exclusive transformational coaching system that aligns and empowers the cabeza, cuerpo, y corazón (mind, body, & spirit) of mujeres chingonas.

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  • Struggling in your relationships to enjoying your precious time with people and experiences that truly matter most. 


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